Preparing for your interview

11 Feb Preparing for your interview

Although there’s a lot of competition for your business, to get the best outcome there is no substitute for preparation. That means knowing all the options available and knowing what the lending institution may need from you.

Prepare for your interview by having these details ready:

  • The amount you hope to borrow.
  • The value and type of home you plan to build or buy – including a quote from the builder if relevant.
  • Your income details – recent pay-slips or, if self-employed, a copy of your most recent tax return or letter from you accountant confirming your income.
  • Your employment history – a stable employment history enhances your chances of getting your loan. You may need a letter from your previous employer if you’ve just changed jobs.
  • Evidence of a deposit – assets details such as bank statements, share certificates, etc., your bank statements may also demonstrate your ability to save.
  • Details of life insurance or investment policies.
  • Details of life insurance or investment policies.
  • Details of previous financial agreements with lending institutions.
  • Details of assets you own such as jewellery and furniture.
  • Real estate agent contact details so the institution can arrange a valuation.
  • Details of any outstanding debts, including credit cards and personal loans.
  • Your driver’s license.

Once you have collected the details, telephone the lending institution for a meeting. In today’s competitive atmosphere a home-loan agent may come to your home and some institution will even approve loans over the phone. (This is subject to certain conditions.)


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