Types of loans

Home Loans

Jade Financial Solutions understands that, just like homebuyers, not all banks or lenders are the same. We know each lender has a different method of calculating how much a potential purchaser may borrow. Naturally, this influences what lenders consider to be a borrower’s purchasing ability. It influences the amount of money they will lend and ultimately, whether you get the home of your dreams or not. At Jade we offer over 400 different home loan products as home loan Burleigh Heads, Robina, Palm Beach, Varsity Lakes, Tweed Heads & home loans Gold Coast, there’s no easier way to get the home of your dreams.

Investment Home Loans

Structure, structure, structure, when it comes to investment lending, structure is everything, when dealing with banks remember your liability (loan) becomes their asset, and your asset (property) becomes their asset, it’s a win/win for your bank. All you have to remember is what does the bank sell if something goes wrong? They will ‘cross’ your home with your investment, meaning they can choose what is sold! How do you beat the bank? Talk to one of our highly trained consultants today for the best outcome…

Refinancing Home Loans

Have you fully researched your home loan? Did you know that you can get discounts off your home loan rates, even with your own bank, just by asking the right questions? Why should you miss out on saving, and remember, just because one bank says no, doesn’t mean another will. The finance market is a very competitive environment and finding the best loan means a lot of time and research, we have done it already and you may not have to change your existing bank, talk to one of our consultants today…

Debt Consolidation

Debt is debt, the faster you can be rid of debt the better, by combining all your debt and having one simple payment, you can become financially independent and actually save money, talk to one of our consultants today and discover how this can be done.

First Home Loan Buyers

Achieving the great Australian dream is usually a priority for most of us, we understand that getting your first property is hard work, saving that deposit, hoping the market doesn’t move and paying wasted rent. When it comes to buying your fist home we know each lender has a different method of calculating how much a potential purchaser may borrow. Naturally, this influences what lenders consider to be a borrowers purchasing ability. Let Jade help you achieve that dream of home ownership today…

Home Loans/Investment Loans for the Self Employed

Being self-employed, means paperwork, a lot of paper work, but not necessarily the correct paperwork that is required to have a home or investment loan approved. At Jade we understand the challenges and special needs of the self-employed, after all we are a business too. We know that by taking the challenge of having and running your own business is tough, hard work, we will help you achieve the home or business loan, with very little paperwork, talk to one of our consultants today, to find out just how easy it can be to have a business loans Gold Coast.

Insurance Bonds

What is an insurance bond, or deposit bond:

Deposit bonds are a financial guarantee, in the form of a bond, which gives you the convenience of making an upfront deposit on the purchase of a property – without having to use your own cash.

Outlaying cash can be complicated or impractical if your funds are already tied up in an existing property or other investments.

Choose the smart alternative; pay your 10% deposit with a deposit bond instead.

There’s no need to cash in your interest bearing investments, or apply for expensive bridging finance. A deposit bond now lets you pay the full amount of purchase price at settlement. It lets your money go on working for you in the meantime, whether it is a term deposit, shares or as equity in your current home.

Deposit Bonds are simply better value. A small once-only cost is all you pay – much less than the interest you could earn on your cash, even if you left it in a low-interest bearing savings account.

The Cost Effective choice:

Compare these funding methods against a deposit bond:

Personal Loan: Deposit Bonds save you up to 371%
Mortgage Redraw: Deposit Bonds save you up to 134%
Cash – CMT: Deposit Bond saves you up to 64%

Bank Guarantees

Buying property off the plan? A Bank Guarantee may take the stress out of the finance, even if the property settlement is years away, find out how today.*

* Please note fees and charges apply.

Personal Car Loans

Want that new car, the boat or those things you just need to have, a personal loan is all you need for car finance Gold Coast, finding the cheapest personal loan is a time-consuming process, talk to one of our specialists today to find you the best personal loans Gold Coast…*

*please note fees and charges apply.

Commercial Leasing

Get a competitive rate on your commercial equipment or vehicles, talk to one of our consultants today….

Commercial Property Lending

Structure is important in today’s competitive commercial investment market, did you know that rates can differ by up to 3%pa between different funders, and even more if you look offshore, Jade has access to in excess of 19 commercial lenders, including offshore facilities, from development funding to cash flow funding, talk to us today…